Dear valued guests,

At Riverside Banquet Halls, the safety of our guests and colleagues has always been our highest priority. We are taking a proactive approach in enhancing all our operational policies, guidelines, and procedures to ensure maximum safety for our guests and local communities.

Riverside is implementing the following Covid-19 safety protocols for all future events:

Pre-event Guidelines

Riverside will strictly adhere to the Public Health Services Authority’s order regarding public gatherings. Only registered guests for events are welcome at this time. No exceptions.

  • Riverside will only allow private gatherings.
  • Riverside will have a guest log for all events we hold.
  • Riverside will recommend for anyone over 60 years of age or pre-existing medical conditions not to attend
  • Riverside will rent the hall for only 5 hours versus 7 hours.
  • Riverside will make sure all employees are pre-screened and feeling well while working.

Event Guidelines

Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Riverside will have sanitizer available for customers and staff.
  • Riverside will place sanitizer for customers and staff at entrance and throughout the establishment.
  • Riverside will enhance cleaning of all frequent touch-points including walls, tables, chairs, coat hooks, restrooms, doors including front door, restroom door, staff doors to office, kitchen, and breakroom.
  • Riverside will enhance cleaning and disinfecting practices for high-contact areas such as surfaces in public serving zones; incorporating regular and end-of-shift cleaning and disinfection for all shared spaces; and ensuring workers are provided with appropriate supplies, such as soap and water, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes.
  • Riverside will supply our chefs and kitchen helpers with their own set of knives.
  • Riverside will make sure shared equipment such as small appliances, mixers, etc. should be cleaned between use and workers should wash their hands.
  • Riverside will extra clean the high touch equipment, cooler doors, freezer doors, oven handles.
  • Riverside will develop and establish additional handwashing procedures for all kitchen staff, this includes before and after leaving the kitchen and using equipment.

Social Distancing

  • Riverside will allow for 2 meters between tables and factoring in space for seats at the table.
  • Riverside will have customers seat themselves by displaying a table seating chart
  • Riverside will stage customer entrance times and break times to support maintaining physical distances between people.
  • Riverside will create and maintain a protocol for accessing and using washroom facilities where a 2 meter or 6 feet separation cannot be maintained.

Banquet Hall Staff

  • Mandatory screening for all employees upon arrival, which may include a temperature check.
  • Masks worn by all employees.
  • Gloves worn as needed by the department.
  • Physical distancing observed in all employee areas, including kitchen area and in dining area.
  • COVID-19 related training and retooling provided to all employees.


We have 3 options for dancing, aimed at helping keep our guests safe. For more information about dancing options for your specific event, please contact us directly.

Food and Beverage

Service of Food

In order to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, self-service of food will not be permitted.

We have adjusted our Buffet and Table Service options as follows:

  • Buffet Style:
    Our Buffet will no longer be self-serve. Instead, our staff will be outfitted with a mask and gloves and will be serving food to all guests from behind a plexi-glass shield. Each guest will request the items they would like from the buffet and the plate will be placed on a table for pick up. Tables will be called up on at a time to place their buffet orders.
  • Table Service:
    All serving staff will be required to wear gloves and face masks. Tableware and utensils will be given to each table and food will be served to seated tables.

Service of Beverages

As per usual, liquor licenses will be required for any event where a guest would like to serve alcohol to guests. To keep our guests safe, we will be providing a modified Bar Service and Beverage Table Service as noted:

  • Bar Service
    All bartending and service staff will be required to wear protective face masks and gloves. Tables will be called one at a time to visit the bar area. Plexiglass dividers will be placed on the bar counter to protect our staff and guests.
  • Beverage Table Service:
    All bartending and service staff will be required to wear protective masks and gloves. A rolling bar cart will be used to serve beverages to tables.

Ongoing Commitment

We will continue to monitor updates from our public health authorities and implement best practices to provide our guests and team members complete peace of mind when hosting meetings and events. Thank you for your patience and support while we navigate during these unprecedented times. We look forward to welcoming you back to our venues.

Let’s stay safe and healthy together.

Bobby Ghirra – General Manager
Riverside Banquet Halls