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The summer wedding summer has just fizzled out and event planners are busily planning for 2016. When you’re looking for the best venue for your clients, it is important to be prepared and know what to look out for. Before your first ‘Google’ search or calling to speak with hotel/banquet managers…here are some major questions to ask to help you determine if the venue is a fit for your needs: 1. Availability for the dates
So you’re planning to propose, but a complete newbie when it comes to engagement rings – this post to the rescue! Don’t worry, all guys are clueless at one point so you’re not alone. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different styles, variations, and prices in the market. Below is a fantastic infographic from QC Event School that provides a simple and informative guide to help first time ring shoppers like yourself. Infographic
Palms are sweaty, the wedding ring box is bulging out of your pocket, you wait for the right moment and ask: “Will you marry me beautiful?” She says…Yes! After the euphoric rush of the big news and looking forward to a life together… Oh yeah, we need to plan the wedding now. Decades ago, a future bride might break out the wedding binder with all her hopes of dreams of what the big day would
Should you have a smaller, intimate wedding or a big wedding? Well, a lot of depends on your personality, your network, family and at the end of the day…your wallet size! If you are a bride and groom that shines in front of large crowds and want the spotlight to focus just on you…then you’d be happy to take on a larger guest list. However, if you are the type of bride that wants to
Food and drinks are an important aspect of any event and choosing the right catering company is crucial. How do you determine which caterer to use? Google or yelp reviews? Word of mouth? Experience is essential. From how fresh the morning coffee is to what snacks are served at break time; even how quickly lunch is served during that crucial hour…experience makes all the difference. Business catering must stick to the agenda. Forget heavy lunches
Sometimes it is hard to get away from the same old, boring fundraising ideas. If you choose the right fundraising tactics for your campaign, it can be huge boost for your organization in terms of collecting maximum donations and retaining donors for future events. Remember, make it fun!   When participants are having fun, they are more likely to freely open their wallets and give.  With creativity, you can make your event unique and stand out