How to choose the best corporate catering service for your event

Food and drinks are an important aspect of any event and choosing the right catering company is crucial. How do you determine which caterer to use?

Google or yelp reviews?

Word of mouth?

Experience is essential.

From how fresh the morning coffee is to what snacks are served at break time; even how quickly lunch is served during that crucial hour…experience makes all the difference. Business catering must stick to the agenda.

Forget heavy lunches that will induce the need for a mid-day nap, you need to keep lunches light that are easy to eat instead of complex plates that have high calorie/fat counts.


1) Cost Effective Pricing – Whether your budget is small or big, caterers should have flexible menu options that can be easily customized to your event. Select elements that would maximize value and remember to stick to the budget.

2) Flavourful Food – The ingredients are always prepared fresh. The last thing you want is having the event turn ‘sour’ if the food isn’t up to par.

3) Be On Time – You have a strict schedule to follow and no room for scheduling errors. Depending on the scale of your event, make sure to have your caterer arrive early prior to when you need them so that you have some wiggle room.

4) Professionalism – Your whole meeting shouldn’t be interupted when the caterer is setting up or cleaning up. You need to have the caterer that camouflages in to the background and operates with the flow of the event.


1) References?  Call a few of their clients and find out about their experiences. Do they have a proven track record of being on-time and on-schedule?

2) Services? Is there wait staff provided? Bartenders for evening functions?

3) Flexible menu? Variety of options? Are there cold and hot options? Also, be sure to ask about gluten free and vegan options depending on the dietary needs of your group.

4) How much will it cost me? Are there a variety of options of high quality that need your needs?

5) Food tasting? Are you able to sample the food before you commit? Many caterers offer sampling nights where you can try a variety of international and local cuisine.

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